Wilkinson County Schools

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Allen School 310928N, 0911843W
Angola School 310722N, 0912050W
Artonish School (historical) 311201N, 0913452W
Bay Ridge School 310305N, 0911624W
Beneral School (historical) 310836N, 0913047W
Deer Park School 310439N, 0912226W
Edgefield School 310338N, 0912719W
Elliston School 311436N, 0912150W
Finch Elementary School 310450N, 0910434W
Fords Creek School 311242N, 0911712W
Fountainbleau School 310549N, 0912735W
Hollywood School 311152N, 0913138W
Hyde Park School 311927N, 0912058W
LaGrange School 310614N, 0912400W
Macedonia School 311213N, 0912614W
Magnolia School 310034N, 0911651W
McGehee College for Girls (historical) unknown
Millbrook School (historical) 310812N, 0913034W
Mount Olive School (historical) 310013N, 0913605W
Mount Ricca School (historical) 310158N, 0913243W
Mount Zion School 310352N, 0912447W
Newtonia Female Institute (historical) unknown
Newtonia Institute for Boys (historical) unknown
Percy Creek School 310929N, 0912511W
Pickneyville School 310302N, 0912913W
Pinckneyville Academy (historical) unknown
Saint Luke School Number 2 310332N, 0912010W
Saint Mary School (historical) 311301N, 0913054W
Stockfarm School 310139N, 0912604W
Wilkinson Academy (historical) unknown
Wilkinson County Elementary School 310604N, 0911808W
Wilkinson County High School 310557N, 0911746W
Wilkinson Female Academy (historical) unknown
William Winans Attendance Center 310537N, 0910352W
Woodburn School 311350N, 0912105W
Woodville Attendance Center 310541N, 0911753W
Woodville Classical School for Boys (historical) unknown
Woodville Female Academy (historical) unknown