Wilkinson County Rivers, Lakes & Streams

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Abernathy Channel 311907N, 0912438W
Alligator Bayou 311451N, 0912728W
Armstrong Canal 311935N, 0912254W
Artonish Lake 310752N, 0913558W
Aswell Branch 312054N, 0911206W
Baker Creek 305715N, 0912815W
Baker Creek 305715N, 0912814W
Bayou Sara 304543N, 0912356W
Bear Creek 311223N, 0912756W
Beasley Creek 310307N, 0912453W
Beaver Bayou 311859N, 0911421W
Beaver Creek 311225N, 0912349W
Beaver Creek 312029N, 0911100W
Beaver Lake 311358N, 0911946W
Becks Bay 311822N, 0912823W
Beecham Bayou 305848N, 0910304W
Bell Creek 310014N, 0912938W
Belmont Lake 310656N, 0913216W
Belmont Slough 310859N, 0913228W
Big Blue Hole 310947N, 0913247W
Big Lake 311100N, 0913344W
Big Piney Creek 311435N, 0912023W
Bloomer Creek 310817N, 0913237W
Blue Lake 311221N, 0913244W
Browns Creek 310812N, 0911116W
Brush Creek 311347N, 0911900W
Brushy Bayou 311726N, 0912534W
Bucks Creek 312121N, 0911713W
Buffalo River 310425N, 0913356W
Bullet Branch 310901N, 0912730W
Cahal Creek 311946N, 0910823W
Caledonia Creek 311040N, 0911200W
Caroline Creek 310749N, 0912320W
Carter Creek 310217N, 0911439W
Cavass Bayou 311659N, 0912605W
Centreville Creek 310249N, 0905650W
Clark Creek 310314N, 0913318W
Clear Creek 311314N, 0911117W
Coles Bayou 311503N, 0912732W
Corner Lake 311036N, 0913402W
Corner Lake 311138N, 0913403W
Coulson Bayou 311856N, 0912343W
Crooked Creek 312137N, 0911521W
Cypress Branch 311637N, 0911843W
Cypress Creek 311628N, 0910345W
Desert Creek 310107N, 0912858W
Dixon Creek 310937N, 0910812W
Dixons Bayou 311250N, 0912501W
Dry Creek 311041N, 0912249W
Dry Creek 311212N, 0911308W
Dry Creek 311918N, 0910629W
Dry Fork 311008N, 0911155W
Dunbar Creek 310027N, 0912344W
Duval Creek 312015N, 0911448W
East Fork Baker Creek 305825N, 0912803W
East Fork Baker Creek 305825N, 0912801W
Folley Creek 311629N, 0911855W
Fords Creek 311339N, 0911642W
Fort Adams Reach 310101N, 0913530W
Foster Lake 311058N, 0912937W
Fountainbleau Creek 310659N, 0912737W
Gaillards Lake 311856N, 0912805W
Gales Creek 305722N, 0912405W
Gales Creek 305722N, 0912405W
Goose Lake 311546N, 0912758W
Hays Creek 310916N, 0912831W
Hazlit Creek 311539N, 0911934W
Highland Creek 310707N, 0912729W
Homochitto River 311253N, 0913141W
Hooks Creek 310221N, 0912449W
Hopkins Bayou 312051N, 0911155W
Horseshoe Lake 311113N, 0913322W
Horseshoe Lake 311429N, 0911923W
Hunter Creek 305819N, 0913932W
Hunter Creek 305819N, 0913932W
Hurricane Creek 305728N, 0911142W
Hurricane Creek 311913N, 0911539W
Jackson Creek 310640N, 0910953W
Jews Creek 305823N, 0911120W
Joe Bayou 312058N, 0911301W
Jones Creek 310251N, 0911738W
Judas Branch 305855N, 0912915W
Judas Branch 305853N, 0912915W
Kaigler Creek 310522N, 0912522W
Kimball Creek 305921N, 0912914W
Kimball Creek 305921N, 0912913W
King Branch 311359N, 0911021W
Lake Mary 311136N, 0913157W
Leona Branch 312056N, 0911104W
Lewis Branch 310719N, 0912316W
Little Bayou Sara 305026N, 0912423W
Little Bayou Sara 305026N, 0912423W
Little Beaver Creek 311239N, 0912352W
Little Blue Hole 310950N, 0913243W
Little Buffalo River 310831N, 0911117W
Little Comite Creek 305658N, 0910341W
Little Comite Creek 305700N, 0910339W
Little Piney Creek 311440N, 0912015W
Locust Hill Branch 310720N, 0912927W
Long Lake 311133N, 0913355W
Matthews Creek 310217N, 0911006W
Middle Fork Buffalo creek 311136N, 0910525W
Middle Fork Thompson Creek 305350N, 0911506W
Mill Creek 311350N, 0911852W
Millbrook Creek 310753N, 0913030W
Mills Bayou 311827N, 0912829W
Mississippi River 290904N, 0891512W
Molden Creek 310604N, 0912928W
Mud Creek 311307N, 0911130W
Mud Flats Bayou 311828N, 0912829W
Old Homochitto River 310733N, 0913622W
Peggy Row Branch 310906N, 0912651W
Percy Creek 310932N, 0913142W
Phipps Creek 311653N, 0911817W
Pinckneyville Creek 310133N, 0912856W
Piney Creek 311307N, 0911131W
Redding Creek 311656N, 0910353W
Round Lake 311535N, 0912626W
Running Bayou 311659N, 0912603W
Sam Miles Lake 311119N, 0913305W
Sandy Creek 305818N, 0912444W
Sandy Creek 310820N, 0911806W
Sandy Creek 305818N, 0912442W
Sandy Creek 311358N, 0911750W
Second Creek 312001N, 0912133W
Sharps Creek 305951N, 0910500W
Shothole Branch 305333N, 0911225W
Silver Creek 310700N, 0911004W
Silver Creek 311309N, 0911347W
Smith Creek 310915N, 0913159W
Smith Creek 310638N, 0910636W
Stafford Creek 310023N, 0910223W
Steels Creek 311418N, 0912227W
Stockfarm Creek 305913N, 0912403W
Stockfarm Creek 305914N, 0912402W
Tanyard Branch 310718N, 0912316W
Tar Creek 311721N, 0910448W
The Canal 310909N, 0913234W
The Narrows 311231N, 0913508W
Thompson Creek 303924N, 0911819W
Tilseys Creek 310321N, 0912633W
Tom Bayou 311837N, 0912429W
Tunica Bayou 305520N, 0913255W
Tunica Bayou 305520N, 0913256W
Turkey Creek 312019N, 0910844W
Webb Lake 311348N, 0912040W
West Fork Homochitto River 311441N, 0912847W
West Fork Little Comite Creek 305856N, 0910459W
West Fork Little Comite Creek 305858N, 0910458W
West Fork Little Comite Creek 310006N, 0910632W
West Fork Thompson Creek 305004N, 0911349W
West Fork Tilseys Creek 310346N, 0912653W
Whitaker Creek 310106N, 0911010W
White Creek 310907N, 0912703W
Wildcat Bayou 312144N, 0911252W
Willis Branch 311134N, 0911259W
Yamacrow Creek 310755N, 0912731W