Wilkinson County Communities & Places

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Arcole Plantation (historical) 310121N, 0913045W
Artonish 311124N, 0913501W
Artonish Landing 311051N, 0913512W
Artonish Plantation (historical) 310923N, 0913530W
Artonish Post Office (historical) unknown
Ashwood 310242N, 0911749W
Ashwood Station Post Office (historical) unknown
Bells Store (historical) 310404N, 0912851W
Big Island 311121N, 0913338W
Blockhouse Hill 310449N, 0913252W
Buck Island 311610N, 0912700W
Centreville 310523N, 0910406W
Crosby 311702N, 0910347W
Darrington 311825N, 0911408W
Deer Park Plantation (historical) 311101N, 0913220W
Doloroso 311819N, 0912134W
Donegal 310322N, 0912237W
Fort Adams 310512N, 0913253W
Fort Adams Bar 310423N, 0913415W
Fort Adams Landing 310350N, 0913324W
Greenwood Hill 311438N, 0910814W
Harvard Ferry (historical) 311923N, 0910625W
Hiram 311343N, 0910734W
Hiram Post Office (historical) unknown
Hollywood Plantation (historical) 311041N, 0913140W
Hunter Hall Plantation (historical) 310101N, 0913047W
Ireland 312050N, 0911321W
Jim Lee Island 311252N, 0913228W
Johnson Island 311316N, 0913237W
Lake Mary Plantation (historical) 311146N, 0913130W
Laneheart 311137N, 0912206W
Lessley 310941N, 0912546W
Lessley Post Office (historical) unknown
Linwood Plantation (historical) 310041N, 0913040W
Loch Leven 311232N, 0913430W
Lochdale Plantation (historical) 311046N, 0913440W
Millbrook Plantation (historical) 310746N, 0913025W
Moldon Plantation (historical) 310621N, 0912910W
Mount Pleasant 310444N, 0910900W
Newtonia 310226N, 0911221W
Newtonia Post Office (historical) unknown
Palmetto Point 310647N, 0913705W
Perrytown 311949N, 0910958W
Perrytown Post Office (historical) unknown
Pinckneyville 310058N, 0912851W
Pinckneyville Post Office (historical) unknown
Pond 310415N, 0913022W
Possum Corner 312107N, 0911759W
Primmton (historical) 310211N, 0912330W
Rock Hill 310211N, 0913318W
Rosetta 311900N, 0910603W
Saukum 311353N, 0911105W
Saukum Post Office (historical) unknown
Smithland Plantation (historical) 311253N, 0912620W
Stamps Landing 310521N, 0913506W
Stamps Plantation (historical) 310616N, 0913540W
Steward Island 311353N, 0913235W
Tansey Island 311738N, 0912645W
Tarbert Plantation (historical) 310031N, 0913550W
Tarberts Landing 310046N, 0913532W
Turnbull 310121N, 0911731W
Turnbull Post Office (historical) unknown
Whitaker 310132N, 0910613W
Whitaker Post Office (historical) unknown
Wilkinson 311321N, 0911420W
Wilkinson County Farm (historical) 310951N, 0911730W
Wilkinson Post Office (historical) unknown
Woodstock Plantation (historical) 310349N, 0912900W
Woodville 310617N, 0911758W