Wilkinson County Churches

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Arcole Church 310204N, 0912937W
Ashwood Church 310306N, 0911731W
Beach Grove Church 310520N, 0911508W
Bleak House Church 310509N, 0911240W
Buena Vista Church 311513N, 0912133W
Cage Chapel 310303N, 0911250W
Corinth Church 311408N, 0911648W
Deer Park Church 311139N, 0913209W
Ebenezer Church 310816N, 0911155W
Emberhill Church 310429N, 0910722W
Evening Star Church 311413N, 0911744W
First Zion Church 310857N, 0912912W
Free Spring Church 311740N, 0912010W
Highway Village Church 311143N, 0911713W
Hollywood Church (historical) 311154N, 0913142W
Hopewell Church 311506N, 0911004W
Hux Church 311019N, 0910740W
Hux Church 311355N, 0911100W
King Solomon Church 310227N, 0912849W
Macedonia Church 311212N, 0912619W
Macedonia Church 310756N, 0910738W
Macedonia Church 311015N, 0910449W
Macedonia Church 310755N, 0910728W
Macedonia Church 311011N, 0910443W
Mars Hill Church 311933N, 0911535W
Midway Church 311012N, 0911306W
Morning Star Church 310920N, 0911559W
Mount Carmel Church 311246N, 0910613W
Mount Olive Church 305958N, 0913316W
Mount Olive Church 310144N, 0910617W
Mount Olive Church 311203N, 0910618W
Mount Olive Church (historical) 310012N, 0913605W
Mount Pleasant Church 310450N, 0910912W
Nathaniel Church 310047N, 0910607W
New Hope Church 311835N, 0910826W
Oak Grove Church 312023N, 0911553W
Oak Hill Church (historical) 310901N, 0912910W
Perrytown Church 311918N, 0910906W
Pilgrim Rest Church 310227N, 0910836W
Pine Grove Church 310121N, 0911332W
Pioneer Church 311403N, 0911553W
Pleasant Grove Church 310216N, 0910735W
Pleasant Valley Church 311037N, 0912721W
Rose Hill Church 311706N, 0912213W
Rosehill Church 310814N, 0913037W
Saint James Church 310042N, 0912914W
Saint John Church 310101N, 0912100W
Saint Joseph Church 310503N, 0913254W
Saint Luke Church 310818N, 0911439W
Saint Matthew Church 311105N, 0911704W
Saint Matthews Church 310352N, 0912804W
Saint Peters Church 310716N, 0911648W
Singleton Chapel (historical) 311116N, 0913137W
Snow Hill Church 310017N, 0910347W
Trinity Church 310508N, 0911237W
Union Church 311204N, 0913451W
Union Church 311355N, 0911058W
Union Church 311355N, 0911100W
Ventress Church 310622N, 0912445W
White Castle Church 310724N, 0910608W
Whites Church 310651N, 0911101W
Wyman Church 310044N, 0912325W
Zion Hill Church 310750N, 0911912W
Zion Hill Church (historical) 310530N, 0913239W