Johnson Family Cemetery (aka Perry Family Cemetery #3)

(submitted by W. Dave Anderson. photos by Brenda McCurley White)

Located on Perrytown Road. 31.326944, -91.163333.

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Johnson, Pearl C. 13 Jul 1888 - 07 Feb 1981 Tombstone with Thomas C. Johnson. "Mother"
Johnson, Thomas C. 22 Feb 1880 - 05 Apr 1972 Tombstone with Pearl C. Johnson. "Father"
Longmire, Robert D. 16 Oct 1914 - 04 Mar 1995 Tombstone with Wanzie J. Longmire. "Father"
Longmire, Wanzie J. 06 Jul 1922 - 11 Jan 1986 Tombstone with Robert D. Longmire. "Mother"